Top 2019 Career Choices with Art Degree


Getting a degree in the field of arts, even in 2019, is a great accomplishment. Graduates in this prestigious discipline show a strong foundation of educational achievements and skills. This gives them great opportunities, making them high potential targets for big businesses and organizations.

In the world of today, it doesn’t matter in which Specialty of arts you might be, what really matters are the valued skills you gain during the full course of your degree program. The skills you gain can be applied to many different careers in art like specialize art careers and general graduate careers. Additionally, art graduates should be flexible in solving problems independently and in groups, possess good analytic, research and observational skills and should be creative at all time.

For most arts careers, it will be necessary to have a variety of work portfolio to present to industrious employers, including a mix of your own creative ideas with what you learned during your degree course. Majority of top artistic careers will demand confidence and professionalism, so it will be advantageous to have a flexible mind which allows you to have a workflow with reasonable explanations behind any decision and thoughts of why you choose to use a specific type of material and technique.  With a degree in arts, the following top career choices can help you narrow your search and increase your chances of employment.

1. Art Director.

At the level of executives, they are at the top. They are termed “the general overseers”. They oversee, plan and make decisions on the types of images for magazines, advertisements, photographs, television production and newspapers. They direct layouts, illustrations, graphics, and graphs and come up with fantastic images for production.

They are also involved in presenting clients with samples that best suits their description in an artistic and stylistic manner and  provide assistance and support  to the various financial, customer and creative departments as well as work closely with all staffs for  proper presentation of final projects. To be eligible for this career, you must have a degree in art, graphic design, photography or any similar discipline added up with working experience. This job demands a salary of $96,358.

2. Fine Arts.

If you got talents and creativity, this career might just be the perfect one for you. Fine arts are used to describe a collection of many different disciplines such as painting, sculpture and drawing. As a fine artist, you have a variety of working opportunities like to specialize into sub categories of photographic film, wood and clay. Many fine artists do projects independently or get tipped by an organization, company or client, to do great art work for them. Base on talents, history and reputation, they sell their projects or artistic works to customers, art gallery and museums.

A competitive career like this one requires you to be absolutely creative, realistic, and resourceful in finding new areas for your show of arts.  While working independently, most fine artist develop their skills by getting employment in relevant jobs like museums artist, arts instructor, and studio assistant. With an annual salary of $150,228 this job remains in the list of high paying jobs.

3. Graphic Designer.

Graphic designers are professionals who put together the pieces of images and graphics in a more stylish and attractive way. They analyze the needs of both private and public organizations, produce animations, logos, and brochures. This industrious field of art requires mind flexibility to new ideas and designs at all times.

With computer software technology combine with professional hand drawing talents, brings a solid foundation for graphic designers to easily create or edit images and graphs for online magazines, newspapers, websites and other public visual sites. They work effortlessly and closely with advertising organizations, marketing companies, and other professional teams. With a degree in fine arts or any similar discipline, employment opportunities are at your doorstep. With an annual salary of $42,690 this career is highly recommended.

4. Advertising Designer.

In the world of today, advertising is a strong and fast method used by many public and private organizations to bring their brands or products to light. Advertising has many different channels like animation, graphic design and more through which the intended message can reach its target population. It is the place of the advertising designer to bring the different advertising concepts to life.

Moreover, they must be able to understand marketing strategies and be open to new concepts since their field of work is very competitive. Their very strong bond with other advertising sectors gives them the go-ahead to create a well-known campaign of advertisers. To be part of this fantastic career, you must have a degree in art, advertising, graphic design or similar disciplines. This career demands a salary of $81,314 annually.

5. Interior Designer.

Many people love to have attractive and good interior designs in their homes, cars, office area, etc.  Interior designers are specialized in accomplishing these projects. They plan and do intensive research, draw coordinates, site study and discus arising matters with the project manager so that they meet up with the expectations of their client.

With the help of architects, contractors and modern computer software, interior designers make sure the budget and time are properly installed with no restraints. With a bachelor’s degree in this field and other related specific programs like computer aided design and drawing, you are eligible to peruse this career. $45,120 is the annual salary for an interior designer.

6. Illustrator

An illustrator is a specialized artist who puts context together in a visual format. The context described may be difficult to apprehend textually, but when displayed in a visual format, the message flows easily to the audience of intend.

Illustrations are used in books, storyboards, magazines, advertisements, games, newspapers, etc. Most artist willing to specialize in this field, should have a well-built portfolio showing their capabilities and flexibility in different formats with knowledge in computer aided design. An achievement in fine arts with a degree will give you complete freedom to employers. Illustrators receive an average salary of $41,505 per year.


The above top flight arts careers will take your imaginative and creative mind to the next level, giving you the opportunity to express yourself to your employer and the world at large. With a bachelor’s degree in arts, your chances of getting these top flight careers are just at your doorstep.

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