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Don’t be fooled by sites that promise you “Puffy” or “Raised” gold seals and then only deliver you flaky tin foil on paper and a complete pile of garbage! We are the only site with a staff knowledgeable enough and equipment high end enough, to pull seals and emblems at a quality unheard of until today.

Stop wasting your money on sites with generic clip art in the seals and find a site that can take fake diploma seals to another level.

Shiny Gold "Puffy" Seals on Diplomas and Certificates

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closeup of gold foil seal on university diploma
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Closeup of gold and purple foil sea. with embossing effect on college degree!
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gold foil stamp process on fake diploma
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Up close image of fake diploma seal with foiled stamp. Diploma was replicated from old document and also aged.
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fake diploma with gold foil stamping

Rich Black HD Inks on High School Diploma

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Look at this diploma seal made of embossed black created through the thermograhy printing process.

Embossed Seal Created Using Die Cast!

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Embossed seal pressed into diploma using die cast

Just like when we discuss the financial decisions behind using unique printing techniques made available to diploma producers, those same limitations play a role in choosing particular types of seals and emblems.

Case in point, the large majority of high school and secondary school diplomas we see come across our offices feature gold foiling or deep rich inks with their seals or emblems or crests.

Other times, with fake college diplomas for instance, you will find embossed gold foil, featuring a “puffy” like finish.

Again, budget restrictions cause this and more higher education institutes have the money to spend on higher quality seals. Although this is not always the case, as we have seen a few high school diplomas with those same embossing techniques applied to gold seals.

It is important to understand that our staff researches the diploma being requested and the seal that is actually used to entire a high quality replications can be created.

Again our staff keeps detailed notes with every original diploma template we stock. The notes are accessed when a request is put in for a particular diploma that a customer wants.

The notes will go into details about the seal required for the diploma including supplies necessary to recreate it’s actual look and ensure a high quality fake is produced.

Due to limitations with the site and what finer details we can display, some information is blurred out. We will notice this more with signatures and names of customers.

The final document is shipped without any modification made to the actual wording.