What types of security paper do you use for fake transcript orders?

As a company who is proud of the fake transcripts we produce for clients, ensuring only the best security paper is used during the production process, is key. Our warehouse stocks transcript paper, in a variety of colors and shades and textures, that is similar to what most high schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities stock to use for academic transcript requests.

What are the features of your security paper?

  • Contains words “VOID” and “COPY” embedded into the paper. This appears when the document is photocopied.
  • The words “Official Document” are micro-printed into the corners.
  • Security markings pop up when held at an angle.

We know that hearing about how cool our transcript paper is, is on thing. To see it, is another. Enjoy:

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Zoom in on woven security features inside fake academic transcript paper!
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Up close image of security paper used to print fake academic transcripts showing off embed security features inside woven fibers!
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Zoom in snapshot of Secure Rub feature on fake academic transcripts. This feature allows paper to fade when heat is applied.
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