Why quality diploma paper matters

We make it a goal to stock only high grade paper for the printing of any fake diploma we produce. We do this because this the exact quality is the same demanded by most schools. In fact, the diploma paper we use and purchase from our trade supplier is used by many schools across the globe.

How can I be sure you will use the right kind of paper with my fake diploma?

On thing you may notice about our site is that we do not ask you, when ordering, to specificity anything about the paper you want. This includes asking you if you want us to use a specific color for the paper or size.

We don’t ask you because as expects, we know what paper is best to use with what diplomas. This is the true advance of buying from a high end expert like us and not a low end phony diploma provider.

The reason why most sites will ask you these questions is because their staff is not knowledgeable enough about the diplomas they are producing which should be a wake up call for most shoppers.

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Photo taken by Vincent, who pulled two paper samples for a college diploma ordered last week. Our warehouse stocks paper options by size, weight, finish and color.
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Always going a step further, this photo shows a paper weight gauge being used to precisely measure the thickness of various diploma papers used during production to ensure thickness matches actual diplomas.

What diploma sizes can you produce

We have the paper in stock to achieve any of the following sizes: Letter, A1, A3, A4 and Tabloid. If you need something else, just reach out to us prior to ordering. We can gladly call up our supplier and ask them to place a special order.

What paper colors are available

Our typical colors, that we keep in stock in the warehouse, are: Natural Paper, White, and Aged White. These colors tend to work with 99.3% of the orders we usually do. At times we will need a specific color that is unique, but we keep a few special colors around but do not list them due to a limited stock.