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We cannot make any guarantees that your document(s) will appear or work as you intend them to, as we have no way of knowing what purpose(s) you may require the document(s) for. In the event that a content, grammar or spelling error has been made, we shall not issue any refund, but will amend and re-ship the document to you as quickly as possible, using the same method of shipping as you originally selected. If a mistake with content, grammar or spelling was made by you, then corrections are not possible, and a new paid order will have to be made. For this reason, it is essential that you carefully review any order before placing it with us.

After an order has been made, a period of 90 (ninety) days commenced, during which you may notify us of errors or other issues requiring a re-print. After this ninety day period, details of your order are deleted from our system. This is done in order to protect your personal information. As such, we have no way of re-printing orders after this 90 day period. By accepting this Agreement, you also accept that we may amend your order in any manner we see fit if we believe that it will improve the final product, with no notice given to you.

Examples of potential changes include without limitation alterations to wording, spelling, color, paper size, paper type and choice of seals. Please note we will never ‘upgrade’ your degree without seeking prior agreement from you.

All applicable Terms and Conditions detailed within this Agreement are also binding upon our advertisers and licensors.

By accepting these Terms and Conditions, you as the User accept and agree that all services, products and materials sold by us and our subsidiaries are intended for personal use in connection with the purposes of novelty, replacement and entertainment. We do not make or provide any service with the intention for it to be used in connection with criminal or otherwise unlawful purposes. You hereby agree that you shall not use any product or service purchased from us for any unlawful or fraudulent activity.

If you are unsure about the legal status of any content you provide to us in order to create a certificate or diploma, you should consult with an attorney or relevant authority before making any order.


Upon your acceptable of the Agreement, we grant to you one non-transferable, non-exclusive, limited license to make use of the services on this website in accordance with these stated Terms and Conditions or as otherwise permitted in accordance with the user instructions listed on this website. You state and confirm that you shall not make any fraudulent or otherwise false statements whilst using or attempting to gain access to this website.

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You confirm that you will pay in full for any purchase of products or services made through this website, by way of providing name and credit or debit card details. You agree that you will not attempt to challenge any charge made against your method of payment, and that you will additionally pay any applicable attorney or collection fees resultant from your non payment of any balance owed to us.


Unless explicitly stated on this site or made necessary by your use of the site as we intend it to be used, you are prohibited from saving, downloading, cutting and pasting, selling, renting, licensing, leasing, modifying, distributing, copying, reproducing, transmitting, displaying in public, performing in public, adapting, editing or creating derivative works from any material, content or code either found on or otherwise received from this website.

Systematically retrieving data or content of any other type from this website for the purposes of creating, compiling, either directly or indirectly, any collection, database, compilation or directory without our express written permission is also prohibited. Additionally, any use of the material or content of this website for any purpose not specifically permitted by these Terms and Conditions is also prohibited.


With the exception of your own personal information, all data you input onto this site or otherwise communicate to us via the site (termed as “Submissions”) is and shall remain our property. You agree to be bound by the Site Submission Rules, should the Company provide any. We do not treat any Submissions as confidential, and cannot be held liable for any similarity between any Submission made by you, and any future product or service offered by us. Without any limitation, we retain exclusive ownership rights both now and in the future to any Submission, made by any method, at any time. You remain fully responsible for the content of the Submission including without limitation its reliability, legality, originality, appropriate nature and applicable copyright. You state and confirm that any Submission made by you in no way infringes the rights of any third party individual or entity.

You agree that you shall at all times indemnify, defend and hold harmless our Company, our licensors and advertisers and subsidiaries, any company affiliated to us and all related officers, directors, agents, contractors and employees from any and all liability, claim or expense (including reasonable attorney’s fees) that may or do arise from your usage of our
website, the products and services available on it, the information listed on it, or any violation of this Agreement by either party. We reserve the right, at our own expense, to assume exclusive control and defense of any matter that may otherwise be subject to your own indemnification. In this event, you agree to fully co-operate with us to assert any applicable defenses.


You must ensure your own availability to receive and sign for delivery of your package during the allotted delivery time period. In the event that your document is signed for by a third party who does not then forward it to you, we cannot be made liable. Any dispute of this type will be settled in our favor, as our responsibility is limited to processing and shipping the order in accordance with your request.

We cannot provide a refund of shipping charges if late delivery is the fault of the shipper. Our control of the delivery process ends when the shipper collects the item from us. In the event that the shipper cannot locate you or your address, or that you are not available to collect and sign for delivery, or the package doesn’t arrive within the expected time frame, we cannot be held liable. In order to obtain a refund in these circumstances, you must file a claim with the shipper (UPS) so that they may refund you directly.


The content of this website, including all text, images, button icons, logos, data compilations, digital downloads, audio content and all other software, is the property of us or our content suppliers. All content is protected by international and domestic copyright law. All website content displayed and available via this website is the sole property of the website owners.


In the event that an error has been made by us, please immediately inform us via fax or email.  Any such report should include your full name, contact telephone number, contact email address, and your order reference number. All requests for reprinting received by our staff before noon (EST) of any business day will be shipped out that same business day. All reprinting requests received after noon (EST) shall be processed the next business day. We permit the reprinting of each document once only.

Therefore if you notice an error, please ensure that your reprint request details that error in full, along with the steps required to correct it. If you make additional reprint requests after we have performed one reprint, additional fees may apply. These fees are detailed below. The first reprint is issued at no cost.

We send all reprints using the same shipping information and method that you specified when you placed the order, i.e. if you asked for ground shipping on the original order, the reprint will be send via ground shipping. In some circumstances, we may upgrade the shipping method for reprints, but any such decision is taken at our sole discretion. Some fees may apply in these circumstances. Fees are detailed below.

If the error that necessitates a reprint is your own (for example spelling errors, typing errors, incorrect dates or otherwise incorrect information), fees may be applicable. This is why any proof supplied by us prior to printing must be checked thoroughly before you agree to the order.

Product Disclaimers

The transcripts and diplomas produced by the Diploma Printers are for
entertainment, replacement or novelty purposes only. They are not official
documents of any kind, and are not intended to be represented as such. In no circumstances should they be presented as the equivalent type of document as their official counterpart.

The products and services we provide are not intended for any illegal or fraudulent activity. You must not present any document we produce in place of or instead of any official document, under any circumstances. We, our corporation, our partners and affiliates can in no circumstances be held liable for any damages that may arise from the misuse of the services and products that we provide

In the event that you do use our products or services in a manner other than the purposes we state here, you accept full responsibility for those actions, and for any consequences of those actions, and acknowledge that the Diploma Printers and all associated entities bear no responsibility for the same.


This website, including all the content and information it contains, the products and services listed, any software, plus any other materials of any kind made available to you via the site, is provided on an ‘as available’ and ‘as is’ basis, unless specifically stated otherwise. We do not make warranties or representations of any kind, whether implied or express, with regard to the operational status of the site or the materials, contents, information, software, services or products contained within. You accept that your usage of this website is conducted at your own, sole risk.

To the fullest extent that all applicable law allows, we disclaim any and all warranties either implied or express, including without limitation the warranty of merchantability and the warranty of fitness for a particular purpose. We do not warrant that this website, nor the content, information products, services, software, materials or other content you may encounter on the website or through use of our products or services are free of harmful content such as viruses or other damaging agents.

We cannot be held liable for any damages that may arise from your usage of this website or any of the content contained herein, including without limitation indirect, direct, punitive, incidental or consequential damages unless specifically stated otherwise elsewhere in this Agreement. Some state laws do not allow for the limitation of warranties or exclusion of damages a as stated here. If you live in such a state, some of the limitations, exclusions and disclaimers listed above may not apply to you. As such, you may have additional rights.

Products We Do Not Offer

  • We shall not create novelty diplomas of any kind that show DDS, LLB, JD, MD or any other manner of degree from a law school, medical school, school of nursing, or related to a biotechnology degree. We will not print any document which may imply that any individual is licensed to provide medication or medical care to others.
  • We shall not create novelty diplomas or qualifications of any kind in fields related to the flight of aircraft or aeronautics, the driving of vehicles or trains, military service of any kind, or any role which contributes to securing national or public interest.
  • We will not produce any document related to oil, gas, chemical, structural, construction or engineering qualifications or abilities.
  • We shall not create novelty diplomas containing text that relates to certified accounting, real estate or financial qualifications, or any form of Government office or certification.
  • If we have reason to believe that you intend to use our products or services unlawfully, or in a manner which is contrary to public safety or interest, we will reject your order.
  • We will not produce any novelty document that purports
    to come from the Project Management Institute.
  • We will not print business addresses or school addresses as the recipient of any document. Our novelty certificates can instead be marked ‘ISSUED TO STUDENT’; and similar in appearance to the type of document you would receive directly from a school.
  • We will not print any document that purports to be a letter of acceptance, or a letter of attendance
  • We will not print letters of envelopes with markings that suggest your document is official or otherwise legitimate.
  • We will not copy or reproduce the signature of any real person, living or dead. We have a list of fictional ‘in house’ names you may select from as the signature on your document, or have the signature line on your order left blank for you to complete yourself. We will not print the real name of any individual, living or dead, on our documents.
  • We will not act as a point of verification to confirm the authenticity of any novelty document, nor at any time imply that any document we produce is official or legitimate.

Last updated: 7th December 2019