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Complete Secondary School Packages Available! Get Fake Secondary School Diploma and Transcript Combos!

Our combo packages are a great way to get fake secondary school diplomas and fake secondary school transcripts together at a discounted rate! Save money!

Like all secondary school items we provide to clients, each one of these documents is personalized with preferred names and dates and other personal details. Once completed, it is securely packaged, and shipped directly to you.

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Provide us with details about your custom document including school information, student name details, dates for passing and more. All of these details will be used by the designers during the production process.

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Once the checkout process is completed, we take care of the rest. Your request will go into production and we will began the process of producing your document, sending out samples (if requested), packaging it up and shipping it out. The process usually takes 24 business hours from production to shipping. Arrival times then depend on shipping methods you have chosen.

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What is Custom Coursework?

We stock a wide variety of coursework to use with secondary school transcripts. This list includes typical class titles and abbreviations that would be common with a completed secondary school degree.

We do not promise that these classes provided will contain the exact coursework, class titles or special grades that you way want.

If you have specific classes you want featured, please consider upgrading to custom coursework option. Once this order is placed, we will request a list of specific classes and grades you want featured.

3 reviews for Fake Secondary School Diploma and Transcript

  1. 5 out of 5

    Irena Tharp

    so pleased with the package. needed both items from my secondary school and thrilled with how it call came out.

  2. 4 out of 5

    Paul Hernandez

    Got both items today. Super impressed with how fast it all came in.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Annita Estrella

    Thanks for putting this together so soon. Expect a new order from my sister later this week. she loves it.

    • DiplomaPrinters.com

      Hi Annita. I just got her order the other day. Thanks for your support.

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