Keep in mind there is no way we can show samples of every type of diploma we have created or have the capabilities to create. This gallery would be massive, take a long time to load, etc. We have chosen a select few examples. We do offer free samples of any of work prior to shipping, so we invite you to request samples or proofs, if you’d like, during the ordering process.

Looking for Samples of Fake Diplomas from High Schools, Colleges and Universities?

These days, prior to ordering many customers want to see samples of what an actual fake diplomas looks like, how much it compares to a real diploma from their favorite college or high school, and the overall quality one can come to expect from the supplier.

This gallery features a collection of fake diplomas. In some cases, these are actual samples of diplomas we’ve created for clients in the past. In other cases, these are samples of documents our staff has created in a way to challenge themselves but are not necessary examples of the products that are produced for clients.

Many of the photos were taken by our design department after they were produced, while a few were photographed from other areas of our offices. In some cases, the documents were photographed behind framed glass which unfortunately has caused glare issues that we apologize for.

Some snapshots were taken with a digital camera, but a few were taken by our designers using their personal phones. We are hoping to retake some of these soon to provide more detailed and in depth breakdowns of the diploma samples on this page.

You will notice that some information on the samples above has been blurred out. This is done to protect specific content from being visible on the site due to legal reasons. The actual product you will get from us, has nothing blurred out and everything is clear, crisp and visible. The same applies to the watermark you see, here to protect our images, which are often stolen by competitors and passed off as their own work.

If you have specific questions about this gallery, you can always contact us by emailing us here or calling 888-818-9918 during normal support hours.

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