Fake Masters Degree

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What is a Fake Masters Degree?

One of many popular fake college degrees, a fake masters degree is designed to look and feel like a real masters degree from the university or college of your choice.

When ordering one of these documents, there isn’t much information you need except your college (this way the website can provide you with the correct template), your name (as you want it displayed) and the date of graduation as you want it displayed.

Fake masters degrees are available simply as a fake masters diplomas or transcripts. Many online shoppers purchase both as a combo packages and most fake diploma suppliers will gladly give discounts for such combo purchases.

How much will a Fake Masters Degree cost me?

The cost is really going to differ based upon the quality of the document being purchased. For a replica masters degree expect to pay anywhere from $90 to $500.

What is the next step up from a Fake Masters Degree?

From here, many shoppers of fake college degrees will often look into fake doctorate degrees or fake PHDs.

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