Fake GED Certificate

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What is a Fake GED Certificate?

The first level in fake diplomas, a fake ged certificate (or a fake GED diploma) is designed to look and feel just like a real one and contains many of the same elements. Featuring your own name as you want it printed, the dates you want to show you passed your GED test, and the place where you took the test for your fake GED certificate (often referred to as a “testing center”).

The final GED certificate will display your name and your dates and everything you want to be seen, making it look and feel just like a real GED certificate! They’re highly popular online and great for replacing a lost or damaged ged certificate or trying to play a trick on a family member, friend or coworker!

These fake GED certificates are available by themselves or with a set of fake GED scoresheet documents which list typical GED classes and a fake score letting people think you did as good on your GED test as you’d like. While some buyers choose to only order a fake ged certificate by itself, many people get both in a combo package since both documents are often presented together in real life.

How much will a fake GED certificate cost me?

Depending on the company you choose, expect to pay anywhere from $60 to $80 for one plus shipping fees. Ask the diploma printer you choose directly for pricing or visit their website.

What is the next step up from a fake GED certificate?

From here, we suggest that you look at a fake high school diploma, as they are often called the same thing.

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