Fake College Degrees

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What is a Fake College Degree?

Let’s make this simple… are you trying to trick a family or friend into thinking you have a real college degree? Do you need to replace a lost of damaged one, quickly? Well, a fake college degree is the way to go. By the way, if you’re looking for a fake college diploma, it’s the same thing. 🙂

Designed after actual college degrees, a fake college degree is available in a variety of levels including fake associate degrees, fake bachelor degrees, fake master degrees and fake phds (or fake doctorate degrees).

When ordering fake college degrees, you’ll only need some basic information including the college or university you want it to from, your name as you want it displayed and graduation dates. Some websites will ask what type of seals you want and other markings, although most sites that sell replica level diplomas will have these options auto filled out.

How much will fake college degrees cost me?

Cost is really going to vary. In most cases, a fake doctorate degree is much more than a fake associates, although some sites sell all fake college degrees as one simple price. As low as $60 and as high as $500!

What is the next step up from a one of these?

There really is no level up. It’s just about finding the type of college degree that fits you needs. Whether you need an Associates in Marketing or a Masters in Philosophy, you will find multiple fake college degrees that fit your needs.

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