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What is a fake bachelors degree?

A fake bachelors diploma is the exact same thing as a fake bachelors diploma, a bachelors diploma that isn’t real but fake. People choose to buy a fake bachelors degree for a number of reasons including replacing a previously lost or damaged bachelors degree, a way to play a trick on friends or coworkers or as a self esteemed booster. No matter the reason, there are plenty of sites to choose from when researching somebody to produce you a realistic looking fake bachelors degree from the school of your choice.

What is a bachelors degree?

An undergraduate academic degree, a bachelors degree is a step above an associates degree and below a masters degree. In most cases, a bachelors degree is a four year program, although some countries have been known to offer three year bachelor degree programs and as high as seven in others. Bachelor degrees are available in a wide variety of fields, although most fake diploma websites choose to stay away from medical and/or law degrees for obvious legal reasons when producing such documents. Some popular degrees include bachelors of business administration, bachelor of commerce, bachelor of philosophy and others.

How will my fake bachelors degree compare to a bachelors degree?

Like many fake degrees, a fake bachelors diploma should be created from a real bachelors degree handed into a former student. This means that the fake bachelors degree has many of the same elements found on a real bachelors degree including school name where it belong, the student name in the proper place, dates that match, qualified seal placement and more. When finished, the fake bachelors degree will look and feel like a genuine bachelors degree.

How soon can I get my fake bachelors degree?

Like many fake diploma products you purchase online, how soon you can receive your item depends on the diploma printer producing your item. Many fake diploma companies these days offer 24 rush service, meaning that you can have your fake bachelors degree in your hand within 24 business hours. Other printers located in foreign countries, have limited staff and/or resources may delay the shipping of your item.

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