Fake Transcripts

We create custom printed fake transcripts from High School, Secondary School, College and University

When you are need to replace a set of academic transcripts that were damaged or want to completely cool somebody you know, with an authentic looking novelty of them, Diploma Printers can help.

Like actual transcripts, these documents contain personal details including the name of the school, your name, proper dates for graduation, and specific classes and scores that relate to your preferred degree and major. In fact, if you want to showcase specific grades and special classes, you can even submit custom coursework to ensure a more precise final document.

All fake transcripts are printed on security paper, have self destructing holograms added as displayed below (if necessary), and each document is embossed before shipping.

All of these little added extras are what have helped grown our business into the leading fake transcript supplier.

We recommend getting our transcript and diploma combo packages
Most often transcripts aren’t seen by themselves. Usually they come along side a diploma which is why we highly suggest getting one of our combo packages. Our fake diploma and transcripts include a single diploma along with a set of transcripts which complete the diploma’s degree.

These packages are also a great way to save money vs buying the documents separately. Since 72% of buyers have returned as of this year to get diplomas and complete their transcripts. Knowing you will most likely want them later, we always try to push these packages at the time of purchase.

Why finding the right fake transcript maker is key

There a lot of businesses out there to promise a high end novelty transcript product. The issue is, there is a lot of work that goes into creating these documents because they are very research heavy. Most sites simply don’t have a staff knowledgeable enough to do all that is required with such a document. We do and it’s also why we charge as much as we do because we realize the work involved in such a process. At the same time, we also recognize how much our customers expect of us and it’s why we aim so high.

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