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Diploma Printers offers the highest quality novelty fake diplomas and transcripts available. We do a lot of research involving the variety of each diploma design, including detailed reports about paper sizing and thickness, precise fonts used, and specific color choices. Our realistic looking fake diplomas are prefect replacements for old diplomas you may have lost or damaged, as a backup copy to safeguard your original document, or as a mind blown realistic replication to shock your friend and amaze your coworkers with.

What to Know Before Buying Fake Diplomas and Degrees?

All of our fake diplomas can be purchased with or without a set of custom academic transcripts to further enhance how realistic your purchase seems. Our novelty transcript product line includes coursework for high schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities. Our formats include coursework common t a variety of degree and majors from such institutes. The final transcripts are printed on security paper with anti-copying technology, security borders and coin activated back print, common to what most register offices would use. The final paper is often embossed and signed upon the final production process by our design team.

The bottom line is, there is no better choice online when it comes to buying fake diplomas, fake degrees, fake certificates and fake transcripts. We provide high quality documents and a safer alternative to diploma mill scams and life experience college sites.

If you are in the market for a custom printed diploma or transcript, please consider Diploma Printers. Our website is open 24/7 and our support staff is here weekends and can be contacted via live chat, toll free phone support or secured email.

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