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For years, DiplomaPrinters.com operated as an informative blog provided information about ordering fake diplomas and degrees online, suggesting sites to buy from and more. In time, we began to talk to a lot of people about their experiences dealing with particular online suppliers. Some conversations detailed positive experiences, others reminded us how far the industry had to come.

We made the decision to turn this site from a resource portal to a functioning supplier of custom printed fake diplomas and degrees from local area high schools, secondary schools, colleges and universities. We’ve also added fake certificates and fake transcripts to our product lineup since the initial launch.

“ Ensuring the best papers and inks are used, staying up to do with current diploma layouts, and keeping customer support front and centered, is our keys to success.” – Grace S. (customer support agent)

Why Choose DiplomaPrinters.com

Free Digital Copies

In a hurry? We can send you a digital copy of your custom document to have on file instead of shipping the actual document out. This saves you from having to pay shipping fees and gives you a usable digital document that you can print off and use immediately.

High Quality

Nobody offers a better quality custom documents than we do. We set the standards when it comes to ensuring only the highest quality products are produced. While other sites claim to raise the bar, only DiplomaPrinters.com has actually come through time and time again.

Better Support

Unlike some sites that hide their phone number or post limited support hours, DiplomaPrinters.com puts their clients first. We offer toll-free telephone support to our call center, live chat and private email communication Monday thru Friday from 9AM to 5PM EDT.

Currently a 98.6% Positive Feedback with Current Buyers! Highest in Industry!

I lost my diploma about a year and a half ago. My school asked for six to eight weeks for my copy to come. I needed a temporary replacement much sooner. I couldn’t believe how fast DP was from the time I spoke with Jason over the phone, to getting an order placed, a sample sent to my email and the actual document shipped out and in my hands! Thank you so much for being professional and running such a tight ship.

What you sent me was perfect. I couldn’t tell the difference between that and the old diploma from my high school. I just wish it was less money. You guys aren’t cheap but I can tell why.