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For years, has been known as a information portal. We have been a place to educate consumers on just what fake diplomas are, how novelty transcripts are made, what site you should trust with phony certificates and so much more.

Starting now, we are no longer providing information on where to shop and what to buy. We are becoming our own store.

Why turn into it’s own fake diploma superstore?

We realized a lot of issues with most websites when studying them. We also have spoken to many consumers about what they expected and what they were ultimately getting. Instead of sharing this information with other companies, we decided to take it upon ourselves and open our very own store. We took what we loved about some sites and made sure to avoid things we didn’t.

In the end, we believe we have created the best site to shop for fake diplomas online.

How can I shop at

To get started, please visit our catalog above. We have products separated by country or by document types (diplomas, transcripts, or certificates). If you ever need our help, we can be reached by phone at 555-555-5555 or by contacting us here.

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