Most Popular Associates Degrees in 2019

An associate degree is a must 2 years undergraduate or post-secondary academic program achieved upon completion from a recognized university or college. This implies that full time students enrolled must accomplish it in a time frame of two years.

For the past 20 years, associate degrees have increasingly been more popular than bachelor’s degrees and many people turn to enroll in this program for a less expensive and quicker route to educational achievement than the four year traditional bachelors program.

This program is offered in community colleges, affiliated universities and universities. Community colleges are far cheaper than universities and offer great flexibility with the nature of today’s workflow, giving the students enough time for themselves.

With an associate degree, you can be eligible to get employment in a highly demanded field. In order to make the right choice, you need to consider things like; the type of job you seek, what type of requirement is needed for entry into the desired job field, is the job base in science or arts and does it require knowledge, skills and expertise or is it more of humanity services?

So far, there are three categories of associate degrees; associate of arts, associate of science and associate of applied science.

1. Associate of Arts (AA).

Among the arts, associate degrees, this is the broadest and most unspecific. This means it has a very broad range, giving students the chance and opportunity to learn multiple courses such as history, business, literature, writing, communication and music.

This lays a solid foundation for the student educational career with no limits to a specific path, but provides a platform of multitude jobs. The following top popular associate degrees fall under this category.

I. Liberal arts:

This subject falls in the list of the oldest subjects ever studied. In the era of the ancient Greece, certain skills and subjects relating to classical iniquity were considered very important for any individual practicing civic life.

In the world of today, it offers broad intellectual education and inquiries on all aspects of humanities, natural, formal and social science.

It involves a broad spectrum of subjects such as; philosophy, literature, law, biology, logistic, politics, etc. With an associate degree in arts, you can earn an annual salary of $50,000.

II. Criminal justice:

This is issuing justice to people who commit crimes. It involves combining institutional and government powers to put any unlawful acts or persons in order.

The main institutions of criminal justice are the courts, police, prisons and lawyers. It has a minimum salary of $48,000 annually.

III. Business administration:

It involves proper management and decision making of a business, ensuring that there is efficient, balance, proper management, organization and functioning of people. This job has a salary range of $48,000 to $55,000.

2. Associate of Science (AS).

This program gives students the opportunity to study the first two years of a normal four year program in courses like; chemistry, physics, mathematics, engineering or any life science. Most students choose this category when they have plans to continue with their education. The following top popular associate degrees fall under these categories.

I. Air traffic controller:

They help to maintain the effectiveness, safety and efficiency of air users in our airports. They give direct instructions to airplanes on the ground on air.

They monitor all movements of airplanes, and help them in cases of emergency. They have an annual salary of $122,410.

II. Radiation therapist:

These are medical professionals that work in hospitals using radiations to treat or diagnose diseases. They work hand in hand with physicians to make decisions on critical cases.

They are also found in centers of outpatient and they receive salaries of $80,160 Radiation therapist is increasingly needed, meaning the job demand is high in the world of today.

III. Nuclear technician:

They are involved in monitoring levels of radiation and in charge of controlling the time for reactions to occur using modern technology and equipment.

They are highly trained and ensure safety, effectiveness and reliability in production of nuclear energy. They assist physicists in producing designs and solving complicated problems. With an AS, you can become a nuclear technician. This job has a growth of 1% and an annual salary of $58,960.

IV. Registered nurse:

These are health professionals in charge of supervising and maintaining proper health care delivery by other coworkers. Many who aspire to become state-registered nurse dive into the four year degree program, an associate degree in nursing will still land you with many job opportunities and will build your experience and skills.

In the world of today, the health sector is still in shortage of registered nurses. You stand a chance of employment with an associate degree in nursing. This professional job demands a salary of $68,450.

3. Associate in Applied Science (AAS).

This is a very technical and highly specific path of education. It is a single field career and involves the scientific analysis, research and application of already life knowledge to a more practical and feasible application like technological innovations. Students who desire to specialize in a single field should get an AAS. Some popular programs under this field include:

I. Accounting:

This involves communication, processing and measurement of economic finances of business, organization and corporation. It assesses the cash flow, liabilities and future of investors of all entities. It is the back born of all businesses because it provides basic and sizeable knowledge which is recorded for easy communication.

This career path is so diverse, complex and at the same time very exciting. This large scope career field is a challenging one, but very rewarding and highly demanded. Being an accountant requires mastery and flexibility of mathematics. This high pay job demands an annual salary of $68,150.

II. Web design:

It cuts across the different disciplines and skills in website maintenance and production.

The various disciplines include; interface design, web graphic design, search engine optimization, etc. with an annual salary of $75,857, this job is very rewarding.


A bachelor’s degree is more expensive than an associate degree. The above popular associate degrees stand a chance to get you a high paying job opportunity provided you have an associate degree in your desired field.

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