How to Lower Your College Tuition

Being able to attend college is a dream many but the costs associated with it are far from it. As the cost of school continues to rise, even in 2019, we offer some tips to help manage your finances and help lower your college tuition costs.

Apply for Scholarships

There a large number of scholarships out there for the taking, that could cost cut down on the cost of a higher education. Scholarships are everywhere. A lot of times these scholarships are funded by companies who put up the money because it is tax deductible, makes for a great pr move, and can even be offered to employees in which case it makes their company more desirable to potential candidates.

Still, it is important to recognize that many scholarships are open to a large pool of people making it tough to get some. It’s important to consider scholarships that may have specific requirements that you actually fit. There are currently unique scholarships for students of a particular ethnicity, military status, gender and more. In other words, if your foreign and handicapped and former military, you might be leaving some good scholarship money on the table.

Get a campus job

Try to get a cushy job on campus answering phones or checking IDs. Colleges know students need jobs and have reserved these specifically for work-study students like you.

Participate in studies

Graduate students, especially those in communications and psychology, often need to do original research to get their Ph.D. If you fit their description, they will usually pay a good amount to have you participate in their study. Many times, you can get paid $10 just for doing a quick 10 minutes survey.

Learn to cook

By far, the single largest expense, after tuition and rent, is food. For most college students, meals will involve a trip to McDonald’s or Wendy’s. This can add up after a while, both in terms of dollars and pounds. Do yourself a favor and learn to cook. Bring lunches rather than buy them.

Get an online job

Surfing the net at your cushy campus job because you have nothing else to do? You could be doubling your salary if you had a job online. Many businesses will offer freelance work over the internet such as writing articles or even taking surveys. These jobs will not be able to sustain you by themselves, but they do generate a nice flow of supplemental income.

Get a roommate

You may be use to having a room to yourself back at home, but things are different now. You have bills to pay. If you live in a one bedroom apartment, you could half your rent if you would just share your room with someone else. Even if you don’t like sharing, see if anyone is willing to rent out your couch for a small fee, say ¼ of the rent. As rent is probably your second largest expense, any compromises you can make to your comfort will help.

Leave the dog at home

Pets may cost you more than you think. You have to buy food for them, take time out to walk/play with them, and take them to the vet when they get sick. Having someone you have to take care of a pet is often times a big responsibility when on campus. If you’re the type that gets easily lonely, I suggest something low maintenance such as goldfish or mice.

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