How to Get a Copy of High School Diploma Fast

Are you in need of a copy of your high school diploma and are curious how you get it fast? Perhaps you’ve landed a new job that is requiring your diploma for a job or attending college, but you can’t find your original copy from graduation. Having a high school diploma can often required, so having one or knowing how to get one quickly can be very important.

This page will go through the necessary steps you will need to follow to get a copy of you high school diploma, whether you just graduated in 2019 or many decades ago.

Why is it important to have your high school diploma?

What a high school diploma represents is physical proof that you graduated from high school. It also shows many employees and educational institutes that you have the necessary knowledge and skills to back up such a credential. The diploma itself let’s other knows which school you graduated from, when you graduated, and potential honors or awards that were achieved, which can serve as only further accolades.

Many times throughout your life, somebody may ask to see your diploma (this may include requests for a photocopy or scan of the diploma or the actual diploma itself) to prove you have completed your education and have once again, the necessary credentials, to attend their institute or perform their job at hand.

Regardless of why you may need to have a diploma, those requested to present a diploma that they can not locate, often find themselves in hot water searching for fast ways to replace a high school diploma.

How to Replace a High School Diploma

Typically after graduation, the school board will mail you a copy of your high school diploma. If you so happen to loose the document, there are few ways you can hopefully get a replacement made.

Option #1. Contact Your High School

If you recall the name of your high school and can locate a phone number or email for that school, this may be your best option. In some cases, high schools can help you get a reprint or replacement copy of your diploma made. Sadly, this isn’t always the case. You can read more about this here.

Option #2. You Can’t Recall Your School’s Name or It’s Closed.

Here is sad fact… sometimes schools close. That’s right, many schools can often shut down there doors especially as local economies become depressed, families move, and local cities can’t afford to keep certain schools open. Often in these cases, other schools will cease records which means there could be another local school that can still help you get a replacement copy made of your old high school diploma. Yet, in the case of for-profit private high schools, that close down due to financial reasons, this is not always the case and sometimes there is nobody around to answer the phone or check emails about replacement high school diploma requests.

So, what happens when my high school will not replace my diploma?

There are times when a high school can not help a former student with a request to replace his lost or damaged diploma. Case in point, I graduated from a high school in Arizona about eight years ago and called up my old high school about getting a second copy made after realizing I replaced my original copy. Was the high school able to help me get a replacement diploma? Unfortunately not.

They told me that school prints one diploma per student at the time of graduation and that’s it. After graduation, no more copies are ever made.

Of course, my old school would gladly verify my degree to a school or job, but a replacement copy could not be obtained through them.

I really want a diploma and my school can’t help me, so what choice do I have?

In this situation, it’s important to take a step back and ask yourself why you need a diploma so badly? Often if you are trying to appeal to a school or land a job that requires a diploma, there are often forms of paperwork they can use to verify your degree such as a letter of attendance from the school.

If the diploma is simply being purchased for personal reasons (ie: a replacement copy for you to hang up and enjoy), an alternative worth suggesting is a fake high school diploma. Now I know a lot of people will read and frown at the idea of such a purchase. The reality is, most people are entirely uneducated about why people love fake diplomas, and assume such purchases are illegal but when used as intended (as a personal replacement or novelty document), they can be very beneficial.

It is important to realize that although a well crafted bogus high school diploma, although it can make for a fast replacement,  there some differences between the diploma was presented by your school and the document provided by a novelty degree shop. In most cases, the fake document will use alternative signatures to ensure no forgery laws are broken and adjust the seal with slight different. Yet, the real diploma layout’s and structure and font types are usually captured, when done right, ensuring customers a passable replacement (in the eyes of many) that they can be proud of.

Summary of This

  • A high school diploma provides proof that you attended school and may be required to land a job or attend college depending on individual verification processes.
  • Schools can often help you replace a lost or damaged diploma but that is not always the case. It’s important to understand limitations may prevent a school from getting you a copy of your old diploma.
  • If you really need a diploma, there may be other ways to prove you graduated which are sufficient for many job and college verification processes.
  • Although fake diplomas are frowned upon, when used as intended, they can serve a purpose.
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