How to Create Fake Diplomas

Fake diplomas are quite easy to make provided you can access all the necessary materials and equipment. When done correctly, they can be presented as beautifully crafted documents featuring all of the elements and characteristics found on an actual graduate diploma.

Why would somebody choose to create a fake diploma?

There are a few reasons why somebody may choose to invest in a getting a custom printed fake diploma made for themselves. For example, maybe they want to protect their actual diploma and instead use a fake version of it to show off to friends and family? In that same regard, maybe their old diploma was damaged somehow and they seek a quick and effective way to get a temporary replacement without having to call their school, stay on hold, and pay high replacement fees.

Others may get one as a novelty gag gift to fool a friend into thinking they graduated. If the person they are showing the document to actually did graduate he may question the authenticity of the document and call it out quickly unless it is a precise replication.

Others may find use in creating fake diplomas as a way to encourage themselves. Take in consideration somebody whose failed a test many times and has completely given up hope of ever passing it. Seeing his name on a diploma from his school, although not legit and certifiable, may still encourage that person to return to school and peruse their dreams.

Regardless of why you may want to create a fake diploma yourself, if the final product does not look and feel realistic, it may render itself useless. That is why we put together the following steps and procedures to help guide you through the process of creating fake diplomas and degrees.

1. Step one: Getting templates for examination.

This is the first step in creating a fake diploma. Here, the features of different fake diploma certificates are compared and examine for similarity and dissimilarity. In most cases, they possess common features and probably due to the various different educational institutions, they show certain differences. It will save time and stress if the intended school whose certificate is to be used as the template is pointed out.

During examination, different designs and paper quality will be considered. Some different features which should be considered are; the size, color, ink, seal, paper type and quality. All this will help plan a better customize design.

2. Step two: The type of paper to use.

This stage involves deciding on the type of paper to be used. It includes getting quality paper for printing. Getting the right card stock can be very challenging when no reference is used. It will be much easier if the sample or template of the diploma obtained from the school institution is known.

This boils down again to the fact that knowing the school institution and having its samples at hand is of vital importance. Some schools produce their copies on white standard shade while others prefer creamy papers. Another issue could be where to actually buy the papers. They can be found in craft stores and supply store. Also consider the type of font size, the amount of words and the paper band. Care should be taken on the color of the paper to avoid your text not being visible. To avoid all sorts of complications, try using the exact color and paper type from the school.

3. Step three: Set up a computer program.

Technological advancements have made it quite easy to finish up high rated service designs of unique quality and taste in projects like this. Setting up the perfect computer program to give finishing and accurate touches with editing abilities is quite fascinating. Popular programs like Microsoft paint program and Adobe Photoshop just to name a few are very good to work with. They possess flexibility and are easily interpreted.

With a copy of the original diploma, it could easily be scanned and edited using the computer program. Information like names, field of the diploma program and article content with just a few clicks of the mouse button. Without this, everything will commence from scratch. What you first do is to write out the school name using the most appropriate font for the paper at the top of the page. Next, is the name of the diploma holder which is written on the line just next to the lower end of the page.

Next on the page, are written on the empty lines the names of the secretary and chancellor of the school at the very bottom end and a fake signature is signed just below the written names.

4. Step four: Finding the official seal.

This step is very important because, it gives the diploma the final mark of legitimacy. Though it might be difficult to locate the official seal of a school on the school official diploma; that’s because you might not be lucky enough to find one, you can easily locate it on the official web page of the school.

Once found, it should be printed separately from the copy of the diploma. After printing, it is then attached to the copy of the printed diploma. This will make it look official and authentic.

Of course, if you are not satisfied with the presentation and authenticity of the finished product, you can always grab a copy to compare with from the official school page and if you notice any inconsistency it will be the perfect time to correct them.

It’s advisable to use the official school copy when building a copy to avoid mistakes and to ensure proper step by step follow up.

Also use top quality printers to print out your work since it prevents any ink bleed or mechanical breakdown. There are many different skills that could be of help and importance when creating fake diplomas.

Creativity is not left out when creating fake diplomas from start using computer aided programs like Photoshop. You might take out time to practice just so you learn how to use this program efficiently and effectively. Other skills such as in calligraphy are important and show a sense of professionalism.

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