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How do you pay for fake diplomas? Is there safe way to purchase fake transcripts?

Do you have questions about making a payment with us? Concerns about the safety of ordering online? Wondering about alternative payment methods? We answer all your questions about ways to pay here.

We Proudly Accept All Major Credit Cards

Through our secured website featuring 128-bit SSL security (a safe https site) we accept any major credit card. This also includes pre-paid cards (ie: gift cards) and debit cards.

Make sure any pre-paid card such as a gift card is activated before ordering. Simply call the number on the back of the card to activate it.

Do you accept personal checks or money orders?

No, not at this time. Those payment methods created huge delays in processing orders. If you do not have access to a credit card, it is very easy to get a prepaid card with funds made available to process an order quickly.

Will My Bank Statement Mention This Site?

No. Your statement will not mention the domain, nor have any relation to the purchase of fake diplomas, fake certificates, fake transcripts, etc.

We do this to because we respect your privacy.

The actual name on your bill will be provided upon purchase in the email order confirmation that is sent. We do not disclose this descriptor prior to ordering because we will often request in the purpose of verifying transactions and preventing fraud.

Do You Accept Phone Payments

We do not record our customer’s phone call therefore we cannot collect such date because there is no proof of the conversation being had.

You should really question about business that sells products such as ours but takes your payment over the phone. You are putting a lot at risk.

Do You Accept ALTERNATIVE Forms of Payment?

Yes, we do. You can pay with money order or wire transfers. Please speak to an agent before ordering, so we can make arrangements.

Make sure any credit card you use to make a purchase is your own or you are fully authorize to use that card. We use a third party service which lets us report any names and addresses of individuals we find make authorized purchases on our site in an effort to combat fraud. This message does not apply to authorized purchases made by legitimate clients.

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