Find common answers to questions about production, our design team, order proofs and more.

I requested a proof or sample. How do I access it?

All of our proofs and samples provided by our design department are sent through our ticket system at our helpdesk.

The ticket system gives you the opportunity of having a private conservation with one of our employees about your order. There you can preview their work, request changes and ask anything you’d like. It is much safer than traditional email which most other sites use to communicate.

Once an order is placed on our site and our staff is made aware that you’d like a sample, they will begin the production process. Once the sample is ready to be previewed, an email will be sent to you with a special link and private tracking id to view your ticket through our help desk system.

When Will I Get My Proof?

Our design staff works Monday thru Friday from 11AM to 3PM EDT. It is currently Thursday, February 21st at 01:30 AM at our design studio.

All designers are off on weekends and major USA holidays. As long as you order before our cutoff, you should have your sample by the end of the business day. Some samples do take a bit longer than others, due to their complexity. For example, fake transcripts can often be delayed by an extra hour or along if custom coursework is being requested.

What Paper For Document Printing Do You Use?

We use high quality paper that is normally used by many printing companies that produce custom diplomas for schools. The paper is a high grade paper, with a good solid weight to it. The paper is usually a white or off white, although certain schools may choose to a use a different paper color and we will often match different tones and shade based upon research.

I Have a Scan of My Diploma. Can You Help Me?

If you have a photocopy or a scan of a real diploma and you would like to consider having us replicate it, we may be able to help you. Please contact us and submit any digital copies so we can show them to our staff to see if we can be of assistance. We will explain how real we can match the document or what limitations there may be.

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