Are You Looking For A Fake Diploma Gag Gift?

A lot of times when we think of the term “gag gift” we think of cheap gifts bought at the dollar store like Whoopee Cushions”. Although they also can help play a joke on friends and family members, a high end princely replicated fake diploma takes this gag gift concept to a whole new level.

Now while most fake diplomas are used for replacement purposes some customers do choose to invest in them as gag gifts. When see this happening if they’re trying to fool a coworker into believing they graduated or maybe making a dropout feel good about themselves with a realistic looking fake version of a college degree.

Things like this can only be achieved if the person seeing the fake diploma believes the document is legit which is easier said than done. It can often take hours of research, a dedicated staff and sometimes more than to pull off the ultimate gag gift.

When purchasing such an item, it’s important to call into question a few things about the shop you are doing business with to ensure a high quality gag is produced. We suggest considering the following:

Not all sites are the same

There are a number of sites online who specialize in the production of custom printed novelty certificates including fake diplomas and transcripts form high schools, colleges and universities.


Although prices can range anywhere from $50 on the low end to $1000 or more on the high end, it’s important to understand that a lot of money doesn’t always ensure a high quality diploma gag gift.


It’s an important to find a supplier who offers an open form of communication such a toll free telephone live, live chat and working email to stay connected with you during the buying process.


Also sites that will allow you to preview any of their work before it ships out or a warranty to cover the purchase after delivery, can be vital in protecting yourself from online scams and knowing with confidence that the best supplier was chosen.

Great examples of when a novelty diploma gag gift is effective.

  1. When used to provide a truly unique gift and an authentic appearance.

Consider a good friend who loves the game of football. He dreams of one day being the football coach of his favorite team. Fortunately, his birthday is coming up and you order him a fake masters degree in “football studies” from this favorite in-state university.

Seeing his favorite school on the document and his name printed on it, may make him feel very special. Obviously to achieve this, the final document must look and feel more authentic than fake. A lot of this can be achieved because so many elements of the custom printed fake diploma will seem so real to many. This is because, a good high quality novelty gag gift is made using professional grade sheets and a proper replicated gold school seal. These elements help the diploma look any many ways like a traditional diploma from a local colleges or universities.

A true understanding about diplomas and a knowledgeable staff can help achieve this level of production and design. In some cases, fake diplomas are replicated in such a way that one copy is identical to the other, making it almost impossible, in some cases, to expose it’s illegitimacy.

  1. As a tool for shocking others.

Do your friends make mockery of your lack of a formal education by showing off their certificates and flashing them around the office?

We have seen a number of people invest in fake diplomas and then hang them up on their wall of the office. A lot of times as distinguished as any other employee, can boost one’s self esteem, improved productivity and maybe even encourage them to return to school to pursue an actual degree.

We have even seen cases were a novelty degree was thought to be so realistic that somebody who graduated from the same school the fake was trying to replicate actually thought the fake was legit!

Conclusion about all of this.

Whether you want to use a gag gift to impress your loved ones or friends, surprise your relatives, lift your spirits or something else entirely, you should consider purchasing a custom fake diploma gag gift but be careful when putting down your hard earned money on just any site.

A novelty document such as this can bring job and make for an iconic memorable event. Still this can only achieved in the business you are buying from is knowledgeable enough to meet your requirements ad trustworthy enough to respect your business too.

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