Fake Diploma Tips – Read Before Buying

For many people, getting a fake diploma might just be even worse. It brings in bad reputation and embarrassment especially for those who try using them as real certificates when trying to get a job. They may end up losing everything including the job, respect and trust.

Novelty diplomas can be used as a great tool for practical jokes to someone; it serves as a temporal key, it can be used as a motivation or source of encouragement to achieve a real diploma. In life today, there are many situations where the use of a novelty diploma might just be appropriate. No need for fuss; take for example a copy of a recent graduate which was about to be presented to a potential employer, ends up in a fire accident. Another individual may want to present it as a birthday gift to the friend who has long dreamt of getting a diploma in his field of expertise. Getting a fake diploma is a great idea for those who don’t have money or time but have the necessary skills and talents to back it up.

If you decide on getting a fake diploma from a certain provider, then it’s good you know some tips to consider before getting one. The following tips will guide you.

1. Quality of a Fake Diploma is Key.

Thou it’s a fake diploma, it should have quality in all its features; the characters, paper thickness, signatures and stamp should all map out. Always check for outstanding and renounce providers who are highly rated. Some providers do not provide all your information on the diploma; they miss out your name or name of the institution. Beware of such providers. This is disadvantageous to you because it shows the document is fake and you can’t defend yourself when need be. For authenticity, quality and genuine uniqueness, the fake diploma has to be exactly the same like the original copy. Most schools have their seals on their official page which can be downloaded by your provider. This is very important and essential because, it shows the document is believable from any institution. When all this aspects have been guaranteed, you stand a chance of getting a quality fake diploma.

2. Be Specific about What You Want.

Telling your designer the type of diploma or certificate you want is very important for you and the designer. Your lack of education should not limit your goals and objectives. Do you want a diploma in the field of medicine? Or are you arts oriented and will love a diploma with your name boldly written on it? Be specific to the field you want on your diploma.

3. Revisions.

Everyone loves quality service, thus making sure that the services provided are open to revisions. When quality diplomas or degrees are bought and you notice some adjustments or you may want to add some information, it should be easy to contact the provider right away. The provider should be able to respond ASAP when he receives the message. If not, then you should change your provider at once.

4. Speed – How Fast Can You Get Your Fake Diploma Delivered.

This factor is very important as time should be your priority. This means, your provider should be able to produce this document within your time frame. Most providers get it done in 2-3 days. Some can overnight rush an order, for additional fees, if they have the staff and resources necessary to accomplish this. If the provider can’t not meet your required delivery date, then it is important you change providers. This factor should always be considered before getting purchasing any custom diploma or novelty document.

5. Research.

Another tip that can help you is by doing a proper research of the desired school and its corresponding diploma to be used as a fake template. Using a software program, the provider can edit all of the user’s information and input yours. This give room for proper editing and crosscheck before printing out the final copy.

6. Know Your Options.

This tip helps you make selections from the various sites you visit. It is advisable to check out many sites as possible. Some sites sell fake diplomas at higher prices without quality while others sell them cheap. Knowing what you really want, you can compare the quality and prices of these sites and later make your decision.

7. Look For Genuine Sites.

Most sites have testimonials. It’s not advisable to believe all what you read, for many are fake testimonies. Anybody can write up eye-catching comments for their site. It’s advisable to check for email addresses and a working phone number, or any means of real communication between you and the site.

Also select sites that accept credit cards or valid forms of payment. These are best in terms of security.

8. Ask For Proof.

It’s wise and good to ask for the real sample to serve as a proof of the fake copy you are about to make. Before you pay for a fake diploma, always sure samples can be provided before the final document is shipped out. Any genuine provider will always submit samples or proofs to its clients. This is to check how real it is. It is also to know if the method of transaction is safe and affordable.

9. Inquire From Experts.

It is important that you inquire from someone with experience. Ask a friend or relative who has done this before for tips and advice. You can also search for renounce sites involved in issuing out fake diplomas. It is also good to read as many reviews as possible but don’t conclude on them.

10. Recheck Before Final Copy.

If you are opportune to witness the printing of your fake diploma, its important you check for any mistakes, our left out information before it’s printed and endure during printing the ink used is bold enough and clear. If you are not lucky enough to witness the printout, feel free to tell your provider to send a copy to your mail for crosscheck.


Consider the above outline tips before you get your fake diploma. These tips will guide you and safe you from stress and regrets in the nearby future.

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