Are there any types of degrees you will not produce?

We do not produce any law or medical level degrees, under any circumstance, regardless of whether they are being used for novelty/replacement purposes or not. This list includes MD, JD, LLB, DDS degrees.

If we believe you are using one of our products in a way that may harm the public or safety of others, we will refuse your order immediately.

Do you seal your fake transcripts?

No. Our transcripts are no sealed in enveloped or addressed from any educational institutes. More information can be found here.

Will you print novelty acceptance letters or attendance letters?

Even in if the purposes are that of novelty use only, this is not a service we currently offer nor plan on offering.

Will you use real signatures on fake diplomas or transcripts?

No. All of the signatures we feature made-up names that we have put together for the purposes of our products. Although the names sound real and fool most people, they are not forgeries of real school officials. Such requests will be ignored and your order may be canceled.

Will you verify my fake educational document by you to others?

No, our products are sold as novelty items sold for entertainment purposes. We are not a school and will not pretend to be one and authorize or verify any item we produce.

There are some companies that claim they will verify such documents but it is important to read the fine print. Most of these sites are not verifying for the purpose of jobs or school advancement.

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