The Painstaking Search For Closed College Diplomas

When a school shuts down due to budget cuts (in most cases), it is very difficult for former students to obtain replacement copies of their diplomas after graduation.

Many of these institutions are for-profit businesses, especially in the cases of privately own schools like religious institutes or technology trade schools. Typically, a such a school may shut down because of poor management but typically a lack of funds due to low student enrollment is what does them in.

Those students seeking diploma replacements from schools that can long provide services, have to dig for other alternatives in order to get their hands on copies .

Obviously if the school still existed they could call them up, verify they attended school and graduated, and they school would gladly replace their diploma or send out additional copies. This is not to say that whole process goes off without a hinge because even in cases where the school is still operational, replacement diploma requests can take weeks or months to fulfill and cost some hefty fees. Still, delays would be considered an improvement for graduates who attended schools they have closed. The question is then, for these unlucky few, what to do next?

How fake diploma sites help former students get replacement diplomas quickly!

Consider Ndob Preasley, who graduated about five years ago from an accredited institution, which was privately funded. After a long financial struggle, his former school was forced to make the necessary decision to shut down it’s operation.

Mr. Preasley had his actual diploma from the school all framed-up and placed in his office. Kene Lovert who was a classmate of Ndob’s wanted to use her diploma for a new job but realized she had lost the original copy.

She tried to contact the school, when she realized what Mr. Preasley had known for awhile, that it was shut down some years ago. Uncertain and confuse as what next to do, Mrs. Lovert did some research and realized she could actually get a replacement diploma by buying a fake diploma from a website that sells them.

Mrs. Lovert found a site which claimed they had a copy of her old diploma on file, was aware of how it looked, and could recreate a version of it with her name on it and her former degree and graduation date. Best of all, the diploma can be shipped out rush delivery meaning she could have it in her hands by Monday morning.

Upon receiving her package from the fake diploma site, she had the document professionally framed and hung up at her new office. A few weeks later, she told Ndob about her story and then showed her the diploma which the site made her. Even knowing it was a fake version of his, but having a real one to compare it to, Ndob questioned it’s authenticity believing it was a legitimate.

What do know when shopping for fake diplomas to replace closed college degrees

1. Know your options:

  1. It is important for you to always check as many sites as possible. Do not conclude on one site, but compare with other sites because no two sites will have the same advantage. Study their differences in price, quality and popularity. Choose the site that best answers your needs.
  2. Study the site: Any site which is real has samples to show for if requested. Make sure you request for samples so that you have an idea of how the site in question displays certain features such as character, quality, shape and color. Any site that doesn’t back up with samples, please do not even proceed.
  3. A good site should have many templates from different colleges and universities which can be customized to your specifications. This same rules applies to many schools which have closed or shut down operations. The final document should capture many characteristics including unique student information, the year of graduation, and signatures among other elements common to the original copy.

In order to save your time and money, the following points will guide you to the right site when searching for a fake diploma online.

3. Do not believe everything on the site:

It’s very normal for websites to have testimonies from consumers of their products with recommendations attached to it. Do not fall into this trap. It’s easy for anybody to write out something nice and convincing to attract many minds. Try to reach out to the site through email, phone number and actually find out if they are active.

4. Inquire from the experts:

It’s said ‘’experience is the greatest teacher’’. Direct your inquiries to experts or to those with experience in situations like this so that you have a bigger picture of how it works. It will do no harm if you inquire first before diving into any conclusion.

5. Be ready to walk away:

If you are not comfortable with the quality or the price of the fake diploma, be ready to walk away. Don’t lose money for what you don’t appreciate to regret later.

Thou painful and stressful to browse the web looking for suitable sites that can deliver your package, most fake diploma making sites follow the following steps.

1. Information about you and related experience.

As a tradition, official documents should carry some valid information of the owner. As the owner, the information you provide will be used to produce your fake diploma. So make sure you provide the right information such as your full name, final year of achievement and any other useful information you will love to be on your authentic fake diploma. Your related experience and expertise can be made visible on paper like the fake diploma. This depends on you.

2. They provide proof.

After you have provided the necessary information needed to build your fake diploma, the maker or provider assembles this information and makes a sample for you to cross check for any adjustments. It’s important that you ask for a sample even if the maker doesn’t offer one.

3. Approval.

Once you are ok with the sample, the maker goes ahead into printing. The document is printed with quality ink and double-check. At this stage there is no going back, any mistake or information that wasn’t included will be left out. In case this happens, you will have to pay for another copy.

4. Shipping.

At this stage, your fake diploma is ready to be shipped to you provided your location is known. Its track until it arrives your requested destination.


Fake diplomas have been used as an alternative for replacement of original copies. In case your school has closed, the above outline steps and guides will ease your method of search.

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